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LA-ACC was Awarded Two 2019 Chapter Section Grants!

We are excited to announce that the Louisiana Chapter ACC was awarded two 2019 Chapter Section Grants from the American College of Cardiology.

  1. The first grant we will partner with the ACC Academic Section to fund the ACC Young Scholars Program. This program aims to educate the next generation of scientists about science and research in Cardiology.
  2. The second grant we will partner with the CV Team Section to fund the ACC Ambassador Program. This program aims to increase awareness regarding the ACC within local hospitals/ health systems and to promote membership and engagement to the entire CV healthcare team.

Stay tuned for additional information on each grant.

2019 LA-ACC Annual Meeting

Welcome Presentation from 2018 Annual Meeting

LA-ACC President/Louisiana Governor – Sangeeta Shah, MD, FACC

LA-ACC Members: Please Vote on Bylaws Changes

The LA-ACC officers have revised the Chapter Bylaws for the first time to reflect the current state and future direction of the Chapter. Please take a look at the attached Bylaws. We have 30 days to vote. Additionally, we need as many members to vote as possible. Once the vote is completed we will then submit them to the National ACC for approval.

If you have any questions please contact: Drs. Sangeeta Shah,  Jherie Ducombs, or Frank Smart